Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Freshface and Ahome has been malfunctioning on some phones. If this happens to you let me know and I can help you! Email me at


  1. I downloaded the fallout new vegas theme and can't figure it out, I have ahome but it doesn't seem to wanna work,does it have to do with my phone? I have a droid

  2. i also cant get coach theme to work with droid x and freshface

  3. @thepankows and @evan I am really sorry but I feel like I can not answer your questions to the fullest ability without having emailed you directly.

    @evan: the way you would open a theme with ahome when it is functioning correctly is the following;

    1.once ahome is running click the menu button on your phone.
    2.Select the option ahome menu and then select the option for themes.
    3. the theme will be in there and if it is working correctly it will apply itself.

    @thepankows, I am assuming you have tried the instructions below for freshface. As I said it has been giving people a lot of problems. If the problem is that the theme is not appearing in the my themes section or it is not applying then I suggest either trying pandahome or crazy home lite ( if you are dead set on a free home replacement application )

    If it is the extra wallpapers then I will need you to email me directly at