Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Market Issues!!!

These are official instructions form the Android Market help Forum:

If you receive an "Unsuccessful Download" error

Android 1.6 Users
We're receiving reports of "Download unsuccessful" messages from Android 1.6 Users with Market version 2007. We're actively investigating this issue, and hope to have a new version of Market available soon to address this issue.
In the meantime, we recommend taking the following steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications
  2. Press Menu, then touch Filter > All
  3. Scroll down and select the Market app
  4. Touch 'Uninstall updates'

All Other Users
If you receive a "Download unsuccessful" message when attempting to download an app, try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:
  • Restart your phone then try downloading the app again.
  • Confirm that there is connectivity on your device (contact your mobile service provider if you aren't connected).
  • Wait 10 minutes and try your download again.

If your downloads are getting stuck at the "Download Starting " section

If your application is stalled at "Starting download", please use a few of the following troubleshooting steps to help your download to completion:
  • Confirm that there is connectivity on your device (contact your mobile service provider if you aren't connected)
  • If downloading a paid application, confirm that your credit card information is up to date by logging in your Google Checkout account
  • Make sure that your phone is logged into Google Talk by following these steps:
    1. Go to your phone’s app launcher, and press the Talk app
    2. If you’re already logged into Talk, press Menu, and then touch Sign out
    3. Launch Talk again to sign in

    If you are running 2.2 and have lost the market

    We're receiving reports from some users that the Android Market app is disappearing after receiving the Android 2.2 update. We're working with carriers and device manufacturers to resolve the issue and restore your access to Android Market.
    In the meantime, if you'd like to resolve the issue immediately, we recommend performing a factory data reset on your device. Please note that this will reset your device to its original state, and while your media content (photos, music, etc.) will not be deleted from the SD card, applications and their related data will be uninstalled. To perform a factory reset:
    1. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy
    2. Press "Factory data reset"
    3. Press "Reset phone"
    Your phone will restart, and after everything resets you'll be able to access Android Market again. Note that in some devices the "Factory data reset" option may be located under a different menu item, such as Phone Storage.

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